Charity Fund
Housing for IDP

Community that brings together qualified professionals to implement housing projects for IDP (internally displaced persons)

About us

Housing for IDP is a non-profit organization that brings together qualified professionals to implement housing projects for IDP (internally displaced persons).

The project team will conduct a comprehensive audit of unfinished and non-residential premises for the purpose of completion and conversion into housing for IDP, as well as conduct an audit of land plots available for potential new development.

A team of specialized experts works with local authorities, creates a database of such projects, conducts audits to calculate the timing, budget, and feasibility of housing for IDP. Fund Housing for IDP prepares documentation to attract funding from international donors for construction / reconstruction / development work.

photo photo The project was initiated by members of the specialized organization Ukrainian Real Estate Club (URE Club) and the community of developers of housing projects RED Community (Residential Development). The project is open to all real estate professionals who are ready to join.


During the first month of the war Ukraine have faced the problem of a massive influx of internally displaced persons who primarily need housing as well as humanitarian assistance.
In addition to temporary solutions and rent-free shelters in cities and towns, it is necessary to understand the huge need (experts estimate 6 million IDP) for comfortable long-term accommodation for families with children because some of these persons have lost their permanent places of residence (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernigiv, Sumy and other regions).

Fund Activities

Charity Fund Housing for IDP
at a glance:
Team & Participants
Brings together qualified construction and real estate professionals to implement housing projects for internally displaced persons (IDP). Team includes representatives of construction companies, architects, engineers, developers, financial specialists, lawyers etc
Established as Charitable Fund (non-commercial, non-governmental organization) ensures transparency, independence, and operational
Efficient and transparent management structure: President, Management Board (Council), Supervisory Board, General meetings
Strong GR capacities
Represented at the National Council for Post-War Recovery of Ukraine, regularly involved in legislation drafting
All activities of the Fund Housing for IDP are carried out in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and in compliance with ethical and business standards.
The entire implementation of the projects will be carried out exclusively in cooperation with local communities and authorities.
The project will solicit funds and expert assistance from international organizations.
Short-term objectives
(until 01.09.2022):
Collection of analytical data and comprehensive analysis of needs and resources, study of demand
Development of technological processes and methodology for auditing projects
Implementation of pilot projects in different regions of the country

Team and Organization

Charity Fund Housing for IDP was created as an important social project based on the principles of equality and dignity. The project was created by working groups coordinated by a central body made up of initiators of the Project.
The project participants are representatives of Ukrainian and international companies such as architectural offices and architects, engineering companies and engineers, construction companies and companies managing construction projects. Lawyers and financiers, energy auditors, manufacturers of building materials, suppliers and distributors, construction and contracting companies, manufacturers of furniture and components. Certified experts will be involved when needed.
Housing for IDP – work organization
Coordination Center
Coordination of working groups, cooperation with the parliament representatives and ministries
Architecture and Engineering
Project auditing and budgeting, development of model solutions, analysis of international experience
Representation Activities and Communications
Coordination with local communities and creation of a data base Requests for land, buildings for conversions
Financing and Legal Aspects
Working with international partners and preparing projects for financing
Producers and Contractors
Creation of a database on available materials and equipment
Human Resources
Creation of a database of contactors
Olga Solovei
Founder URE Club
Tetiana Shulga-Zabelskaya
Founder RED Community
Olena Sharova
Oleksandra Fedotova
Board Member
Leonid Leszhuk
Board Member, Project Manager
Our Team can provide local
authorities with such expertise:
A full expert assessment of the current condition of the building and its structures
Estimate for work and materials
Deadlines for completion of work
Changes in design solutions, if necessary
Results of the legal audit, etc
Such a comprehensive survey will be performed by certified specialists, considering all the peculiarities and regulations in force

The Fund Housing for IDP project

is designed to provide cities with the appropriate specialists who can prepare projects for funding, funds and private persons
Funding for the Housing for IDP project will be carried out by attracting funds from international real estate organizations and donors
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